A unique view of equestrian, farm & companion animal information to improve animal welfare and productivity

The Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive) is a research centre, startup and incubator supported by a co-investment of £8.5 million in resources dedicated to the development and adoption of new digital technologies in animal health.

We aim to bridge the technology readiness level gap between the world’s leaders in animal health and to lead the development and application of transformational digital and data analytics tools to advance the wellbeing of animals for the benefit of society.

We believe that the fourth industrial digital revolution demands response at speed. Acting in ideation, innovation, incubation and adoption, we deliver impact through partnership and the commercialisation of outputs.

More than 160 years combined experience

We are a proudly diverse group of ten leading academics, researchers, and industry leaders with 127 papers and 18 post-grad qualifications between us.