Animal Health and Space Sandpit

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Animal Health and Space Sandpit Event

The Animal Health Innovation Network (AHIN) are hosting this sandpit event on the 2nd of December 2021. This is jointly led by the University of Southampton and Surrey and is resulting out of the EM3 HPO and Surrey Space Hub activities over the last year.

Aims: the aims of the sandpit are to facilitate collaboration between the Animal Health and Space Sector to create successful research projects. The following themes will be identified:

  1. Ecosystem Health – track and monitor changes in biodiversity, supply chains and good systems.
  2. Surveillance and modelling – new threat predictions and early intervention models.

This event is ideal for companies, researchers, and relevant stakeholder organisations to attend and it will enable networking and provide opportunities for possible collaborations.

This is a hybrid event, to join please contact Mana: to dial in or for venue details.

Author: Cara Fudge

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