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Batch Block

Batch Block is a blockchain solution that tracks how consumables move from manufacturer to the end consumer, providing stakeholders with visibility and improving demand management, revenue forecasting and overall performance management.


Use a demo of the Batch Block platform to learn more about blockchain and how it can be used in supply chain transport.

Click the button to the right and navigate to ‘Client Login’ using the credentials;
Username: BlockAdmin@batchblock.com
Password: tennisball

The Problem

Mite resistance to Acaricide is on the rise in Uganda due to either improper use and dilution of the concentrate (i.e. spraying mites with a dilution that is not strong enough to eradicate the pest), which is an issue from an educational standpoint, or product tampering (i.e.. the product intended for use is a forgery). In some cases, both cases may play a role in the rise of mite resistance.

The Solution

Batch Block has developed a single use case around tracking a package of Acaricide to remove the uncertainty of its provenance. Batch Block will track the package from its production facility, to import/export vessels, and finally to the end-point destination(s). These end-point destinations may include small pharmacies, and/or livestock chemical distributors.

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