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David Smith Ceres CEO
David Smith

vHive is a unique group of people with collecive skills that we have never before seen that are concerned with the health and welfare of animals using data to help make decisions previously not considered. However, it is the way vHive goes beyond the animal to the animal owner or carer to understand their behaviours and interactions with animals that really adds value. While the Ceres Tag vision is to “connect people with animals”, we have never seen anyone else with as much deep connect as vHive that takes that vision, using data, to a whole new level beyond connecting and to understanding vis-a-vis the human to animal element. Very unique, commendable and admirable, vHive will set the new limits to what is possible in our relationship with animals whether for food, fibre, conservation or companionship.

Professor Alan Brown University of Exeter
Professor Alan Brown

We are delighted to be working with vHive to address critical challenges in digital health. Through this partnership vHive will generate new research insights and commercially-relevant models for data-driven innovation driven by rapid deployment of digital technologies in animal health domains.

Richard Williams, ioLight Founder
Richard Williams

vHive has been very helpful to ioLight, providing valuable insights into market and opportunities. We have been working with vHive to validate ioLight’s technology for a number of veterinary applications, and set up projects to carry out validation work. The team at vHive is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We are looking forward to continuing to work with vHive.