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The animal health research centre, startup and incubator

vHive operates out of the University of Surrey

The Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive) is a research centre, startup and incubator supported by a co-investment of £8.5 million in resources dedicated to the development and adoption of new digital technologies in animal health.


Latest news from vHive

Interview with vHive Veterinary Epidemiologist Abel B. Ekiri

Who are you? I’m Abel Ekiri. I recently joined vHive’s ALPHA project as a Research Fellow in Epidemiology. ALPHA project is a collaborative initiative between the University of Surrey and Zoetis working to advance livestock health and productivity in local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. What’s your personal philosophy? Treat others the way you would like […]

The future of animal movement science?

Pet Wearables are now a Thing! For dogs, physical activity is one half of a healthy life; good rest being the other. We know many diseases and conditions manifest and affect normal patterns of physical activity and research is currently focused on teasing apart the idiosyncrasies and nuances. One of the most objective and unobtrusive […]

Innovation in animal health – what’s leading the pack?

There’s been drastic changes and improvements in the animal health space in the past year. These advances have had far-reaching implications on not only veterinary practices and research but also on the livestock industry and our understanding of animals as a whole. Let’s that a look at some exciting developments in animal health this year: […]