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Research Themes

Improving outcomes with experimental veterinary medicine, informatics and dialogue with the community involvement “using a one Health” approach.

Immunotherapies are already used to treat companion animals. There are major opportunities to expand the use of this class of drugs

Advanced drug discovery methods yield new opportunities to manage and cure parasitic infections. New approaches will be developed that address the needs of veterinarians facing new challenges due to climate change.

Avian Influenza is a disease of economic and zoonotic importance. vHive takes a consortium approach to developing new tools to detect the disease and responses to avian influenza treatment.

Recent developments in informatics, and digital health, machine learning for advancing commercial processes are being applied to improve delivery of veterinary care.

Healthy ageing is a major theme in human medicine but the same principles can be applied to companion animals. Thus, we have created a theme for health animal and human ageing, together.

We are committed to managing invasive species, food security, biodiversity, and antimicrobial resistance.

We have identified key discipline areas that will support our research focus areas:

Sample acquisition strategies for improved animal health

Assays to determine risk, early disease, diagnosis and response to therapy.

Improving animal health outcomes using digital veterinary health, and health informatics

Market opportunities, knowledge exchange, and commercialisation

Innovative researchers or start-ups with expertise in these areas
should get in touch via the contact page:

Solving problems and advancing technology

vHive’s research is committed to improving animal welfare through digital innovation. We bring together leading academics, researchers, and industry leaders to develop and deploy new technologies that can help animals live healthier, happier lives.

Lessons From Diagnostic Research
in Humans

Veterinary Research Question

Systems Biology
& Disease Mechanism

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Research Platforms Developed

Big Data

Proteomics & Metabolomics

Clinical & Health Information

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Research Platforms Developed

Lessons From Diagnostic Research in Humans

Veterinary Research Question

Systems Biology & Disease Mechanism

Clinical & Health Information

Proteomics & Metabolomics

Big Data Analytics