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What is AI?- Current and Future Relevance to Human and Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Hannah Rideout Presentation by our DataHub Director Kevin Wells at the 2024 European Veterinary Oncology Conference.
Can AI predict a dog’s personality?
Hannah Rideout A dog's personality and temperament is often a distinct factor in the creation of human-animal relationships. Favourable personality...
29 Feb 2024
Results Published from Dog Ageing Project
Hannah Rideout Nam et al., (2024) have published their results from the Dog Ageing Project...
University of Surrey Vet School
vHive Incubator Launch Event
Hannah Rideout Join us for the official launch of the vHive Incubator, the first companion pet and livestock focused Incubator at University of Surrey.
University of Surrey set to open the Centre of Excellence for Bioanalytical Science
Hannah Rideout The New Surrey Research Facility For Measuring Biomarkers
7 Feb 2024
SEMINAR PROCEEDINGS- Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Improved Veterinary Care
Hannah Rideout The inaugural vHive event on the 11th Dec 23. With speaker permissions we now share the following presentations.