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Incubator Members

The vHive Incubator is the UK’s first companion animal and livestock focused Incubator to support startups with the challenges they face in this market. We are excited to let you know more about the 5 first companies taking part:


Smart lighting and monitoring technology for chicken barns. The poultry sector is grappling with a number of pain points including rising raw material and energy costs, reduced availability of skilled labour and pressure to raise welfare standards. Through addressing animal welfare through precision farming technologies, we are making farming more efficient, and therefore, more profitable.

Innovent Technology is a high-tech SME focused on developing innovative and ground-breaking new systems to understand the growth, behaviour and yield of pigs and beef cattle. The company has, for the last 20 years, led the field in blending optical sensor technologies with machine learning data science to create producer and industry relevant modelling and reporting. Our mission remains to deliver the best precision livestock technologies with the aim to improve customers’ efficiency and profitability, and to enhance the health and welfare of animals.


MI:RNA is a high traction, high growth, innovative veterinary company with a strong first mover advantage in the microRNA space. They are a female led, gender balanced team of leading experts with an entrepreneurial mindset and a diverse range of skills, set to bring this technology to the global market.

The technology that MI:RNA have created works in the epigenetic space, using nucleotides and AI to, not only diagnose disease accurately, but, vitally, to predict disease progression. They are the only company, in the world, to bring microRNA epigenetic tests to market, that’s either in veterinary or in human health.

Vidivet is an application that gives pet owners instant access to a vet for any question they have about their part as part of a joined up system between digital and physical vet services. Allowing veterinary practices to offer true 24/7 support to their clients without adding additional burden ot the team. We utilise an army of experienced vets dotted globally who work flexibly to support all of our partners and those they serve.

Zonova has developed antimicrobial technology that can be easily embedded into standard, commercially available, medical devices (like sutures, catheters, drains, etc). Once embedded with Zonova technology, these devices actively fight infections at the source and reduce the risk of infection. Our mission is to help address the global antimicrobial resistance crisis, by reducing the overall overuse of antibiotics within animal health, by providing an alternative solution with Zonova technology.