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Animal Health Incubator

Advancing animal health through
innovation and collaboration

The goal of the incubator is to help start-ups with new ideas to bring innovative animal health products and technologies to market faster and more efficiently. The incubator offers a range of services including lab and office space, mentorship and guidance from industry experts, and access to funding and investment opportunities. The incubator also encourages collaboration and networking between the companies, the university’s research community and members of the Animal Health Innovation Network.

In addition, the incubator also provides companies with access to cutting-edge equipment and technology, as well as exposure to industry partners and potential customers. In collaboration with SETsquared Surrey, the incubator also offers training and educational programs, such as workshops and seminars, to help companies develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the animal health market.

The vHive Incubator does not take any equity or share of IP of startups taking part. 

The vHive Animal Health Incubator at the University of Surrey is designed to support early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs in animal health by providing access to resources, training and expertise in areas such as business planning, product development and commercialisation.

Benefits of Joining the Incubator

Who Can Apply

Early-stage start-ups and small businesses focused on developing animal health products, services or technologies

Companies that specialise in veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostic tools

Biotechnology firms working on animal vaccines, gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies and other innovative therapies

Agritech companies developing sustainable solutions for animal nutrition and feed efficiency

Digital health and telemedicine companies providing remote monitoring and treatment options for animals

Companies focused on animal welfare and sustainability

Research institutions and academic groups wanting to create start-ups in animal health

Entrepreneurs and inventors developing integrated data solutions and analytics in animal health

Biomarker start-ups with animal health applications

Companies with strong digital and AI skills with an interest in animal health

Selection Process and Criteria

    Incubator Application Form

    Are you a start-up or early-stage company developing innovative animal health solutions? If so, the vHive Animal Health Incubator could be the perfect fit for you! We offer a comprehensive suite of resources and support to help you grow your business, including mentorship and access to capital. 

    Please submit an application and the team will be in touch shortly.