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A Few of Our Over 40 projects

Over the past several years, we have developed and facilitated many innovative and future-forward
projects. Here’s just a few.
A research paper written by Simon Archer focusing on the variance in calf weights and the implications of this.
A unique opportunity to develop open data projects to improve the lives of companion animals and their owners affected by COVID-19.
The Small Herds in Nigeria Exercise (SHINE) Goat Project aimed to train twenty-four animal health workers in Nigeria.
PetDialog+ is the next generation of pet wellness monitors by Zoetis Centre for Digital Innovation.
A landmark partnership between 39 partners across Europe and the Med-Net-Vet Association.
The ioLight portable microscope has a resolution of 1 micron – powerful magnification to clearly see animal and plant cells.
Exeter Index provides practical insights to take advantage of the emerging digital economy.
Bringing immutable transparency to the food and pharmaceutical supply chain.