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About vHive

Our operating principles

vHive is a strategic alliance between the University of Surrey and Zoetis established to pursue digitally-applicable and/or experimental data-driven collaborative research in areas that are beyond or complementary to Zoetis’ in-house activities. 

vHive works with multiple teams within Zoetis including Zoetis’ R&D division, the Centre of Excellence (Zoetis’ International’s strategic marketing group) and Zoetis Tech and Digital (ZTD). vHive also collaborates with other companies with the overall objective of improving animal health.

In addition to focussing on experimental data and informatics projects, vHive…

Catalyses translational to future commercial application and business benefit

Engages new or emerging technologies and capabilities

Combines academic excellence with industrial expertise for improved animal health

Engages in ‘blue sky’ thinking to improve discovery and translation for the animal health needs of the future

Adds additional value in areas of existing strategic focus for Zoetis.

A simplified structure focusing on data-driven
innovation in animal health

As a research-led organisation, vHive’s multidisciplinary approach focuses on data-driven
innovation in Animal Health.


Applied Research & Development

Data & Digital Technologies

Business Incubation

Vision & Aims

Our vision is to become a world leading centre for data-driven innovation and to catalyse the creation of new products and services to improve outcomes in livestock and pet care.

Our Team

What we have learned in human medicine is that rapid developments for improved treatments and healthcare come from a nurturing, collaborative environment where all the talents combine for an effective discovery and translational research pipeline. vHive is applying this ethos to veterinary medicine. We have leaders in veterinary medicine, business development, biomedicine, informatics, and artificial intelligence setting the tone for our concerted efforts to improve animal health.

Prof. Tony Whetton


Prof. Alex Cook

Veterinary Director

Prof. Nophar Geifman

Informatics Director

Caroline Fleming

vHive Incubator Lead

Prof. Roberto La Ragione

Research & Innovation Director

Dr. Kevin Wells

Data Innovation Hub

Hannah Rideout

Clinical Projects Co-ordinator

Eleanor Telling

vHive Administrator

Dr. Christos Dadousis

Research Fellow

Sarah Aitchison

vHive Incubator Manager

Anna Wildner

Partnerships Manager