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4 Ways That Cats Show Love and Trust for Their Humans

cat being gently petted on the head

Cats and ways they show love!

Cats are often seen as standoffish and aloof, but the truth is that they form deep bonds with their owners. Cats show love and trust in many ways, including purring, head-butting, kneading, and following their humans around. While some of these behaviours may be annoying at times, they’re actually your cat’s way of showing you how much they care.

#1: cats purr when they’re happy

There are a few clear ways that cats show love and trust for their humans. One of the most common ways is through purring. Cats will often purr when they’re happy, content, or feeling loved. It’s thought that purring is a way for cats to communicate their emotional state to those around them.

Another way that cats show love and trust is by sleeping in close proximity to their humans. Cats are naturally independent creatures but when they feel safe and loved, they’ll often choose to sleep close to their favourite person. This is a sign that your cat trusts you and feels comfortable being around you.

Finally, cats show love and trust by grooming themselves in front of their humans. When a cat grooms itself, it’s a sign of relaxation and trust, as well as yawning, as it’s thought to be a way of bonding with their human companion.

#2: cats enjoy being petted

There are plenty of ways to tell if your cat enjoys being petted. For example, they may purr or knead their paws while you stroke them. Some cats also like to be scratched under the chin or behind the ears. If your cat arches its back or rubs against you, that’s another sign of affection.

Of course, every cat is different and some may not enjoy being petted as much as others. If your cat starts to squirm or walk away, it’s probably time to stop. The best way to figure out how your cat likes to be petted is simply to experiment and see what gets a positive reaction.

#3: cats follow their humans around

As anyone who has ever owned a cat knows, they can be very loving and trusting creatures. They will follow you from room to room, this is because cats are very curious creatures. So if they’re following you around it’s because they want to know what you’re up to!

#4: cats like to sleep near their humans

There are four clear ways that cats like to sleep near their humans. The first is that they purr when they’re content. This means that they’re happy and comfortable being around you. The second is that they knead their paws while they’re sleeping. This shows that they trust you and feel safe with you. The third is that they often sleep with their belly up, this means that they feel secure and relaxed with you and are showing you their vulnerability. Lastly, cats will often curl up close to their human’s head or chest, and this is the ultimate sign of trust and affection from a cat. They feel completely safe and loved when sleeping in this position.

So, if your cat likes to sleep near you, it’s a sure sign of their love and trust for you!


A cat’s love and trust for their human companions is evident in many ways. They may purr when they’re content, knead their paws when they’re feeling relaxed, or slowly blink their eyes as a sign of affection. They may also show their love by following their human around, sleeping on their lap or curled up next to them, and bringing them gifts of dead prey. While these behaviours may seem strange to us, they are actually clear signs that cats trust and care for their humans.


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