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Meet new members of vHive
Eleanor Telling Who are you and what is your role? Cara Fudge – Admin Assistant
vHive head Alasdair Cook casts eye over digital tech in animal health
Eleanor Telling Animal Pharm analyst Sian Lazell spoke to our own Dr Alasdair Cook – to gain an overview of the digital technology space within the…
9 Mar 2018
Interview with vHive Impact Manager Muhammad Ali Ishaq
Eleanor Telling With vHive continuing to expand, we’re pleased to welcome our newest member of the team – Impact Manager, Muhammad Ali Ishaq. Ali…
21 Dec 2017
Interview with vHive Veterinary Epidemiologist Abel B. Ekiri
Eleanor Telling Well, been out and about, but will pick and choose here…. As a fresh veterinary graduate, I started out working to improve…
Digital Innovation – A Vet Student’s Perspective
Eleanor Telling As a vet student with a keen interest in all things tech, I was thrilled and intrigued when I heard about plans…
21 Jun 2017
Interview with vHive Data Scientist Dan Cooper
Eleanor Telling I’ve worked in a few areas now, although still fresh on the scene. Whilst I was studying Computer Science at Brunel University,…