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Meet new members of vHive
Who are you and what is your role? Cara Fudge – Admin Assistant
vHive head Alasdair Cook casts eye over digital tech in animal health
Animal Pharm analyst Sian Lazell spoke to our own Dr Alasdair Cook – to gain an overview of the digital technology space within the industry.
Interview with vHive Impact Manager Muhammad Ali Ishaq
With vHive continuing to expand, we’re pleased to welcome our newest member of the team – Impact Manager, Muhammad Ali Ishaq. Ali brings to us a diverse experience in web technologies and digital marketing. As he takes on his brand new role, let’s get to know him better.
Interview with vHive Veterinary Epidemiologist Abel B. Ekiri
Well, been out and about, but will pick and choose here…. As a fresh veterinary graduate, I started out working to improve animal husbandry practices and livelihoods of dairy cattle farmers in rural areas of Uganda. Shortly thereafter, I continued with dairy cattle health management work in South Florida before heading over to the University of Florida where I completed my graduate studies in epidemiology. While pursuing graduate studies, I coordinated the veterinary teaching hospital’s infection control and biosecurity program activities.
German Shepherd sitting on a lawned area
Digital Innovation – A Vet Student’s Perspective
As a vet student with a keen interest in all things tech, I was thrilled and intrigued when I heard about plans for a new venture in veterinary technology to be based at the University of Surrey.
Interview with vHive Data Scientist Dan Cooper
I’ve worked in a few areas now, although still fresh on the scene. Whilst I was studying Computer Science at Brunel University, I did some part-time I.T. Support at a small sports analytics startup which gave me a real apetite for software development. After university I joined a private software house and began learning commerical software practices and building B2B software solutions from scratch and also redesigning legacy solutions.
Welcome to the Surrey Vet School Biomechanics lab, part of the vHive family
Amongst other projects, the two are performing research on foot loading and 3-D motion analysis in German Shepherd dogs. This project looks at conformation features of German Shepherds as it varies within the breed. The aim is to investigate if their posture and gait, which in future studies could be correlated with musculoskeletal health and therefore to welfare issues.
Interview with vHive Project Officer Adam Trish
We’re rapidly expanding at vHive and are so very pleased to welcome our newest member of the team and family – Project Officer Adam Trish. Adam joins us after working as Global Project Coordinator at CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software.