Innovation Systems in Animal Farming

Livestock sector development and priority setting is heavily dependent on a good understanding of current animal farming and livestock production practices and information systems available and in development. This blog post sets out to describe and include tools to monitor, gather, transform and above all share vital information between key stakeholders that can help the […]

Role of Pets and Pet Tech in Our Lives
Role of Pets and Pet-Tech in Our Lives

Pets bring a lot of joy into an individual’s life. Most people think of their pets as members of the family. A study showed that when people pet their own dogs, they experience a significant spike in serotonin – a feel good chemical – leading to positive hormonal changes. Pets play an important role in […]

BatchBlock a Blockchain Startup
Batch Block: Fighting counterfeit drugs with Blockchain

vHive announces Batch Block, a startup fighting counterfeit drugs and improving drug traceability using Blockchain technology. Speaking at the 5th International One Health Congress in Saskatoon, Canada, Professor Alasdair “Alex” Cook announced Batch Block, a British startup leveraging the features of Blockchain and distributed ledgers to fight against the counterfeiting of pharmaceutical drugs and to […]

Blockchain in One Health
Blockchain in One Health: Is there a match?

The term ‘Blockchain’ has taken the tech industry by storm in the last few years. Every industry is impressed by the benefits blockchain technology offers and are utilising it in their operations. Health is no different, and there is potential for the use of blockchain in animal health. Blockchain is a distributed ledger (a distributed […]

ioLight Pocket Microscope Africa Review
Case Study: ioLight Pocket Microscope

Diagnostic laboratories in developing nations are often tight strapped in their medical budgets and remotely located on fields and farms, unable to hold large medical equipment. To offer a solution, Dr Abel Ekiri of vHive looked at the ioLight pocket microscope, developed by a British company, to see how it performs in such scenarios.