Understanding feline pruritis from the pet owner’s perspective – Poster

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Social listening progress, opportunity and learnings, next steps

This informative poster (46 downloads)  was created by the vHive team, namely Georgina Cherry, showcasing the work on how social listening can be used to understand feline pruritis from the pet owner’s perspective.

Research and Feedback:

  1. The itchy cats social listening data provides a unique insight into pet owner perceptions and information seeking behaviours online
  2. The data can tell us how many pet owners are posting about itchy cats in a given area but not how many cats there are or how many owners are not posting
  3. The methodology developed for this study can be applied to other disease areas starting with itchy dogs and leading onto chronic renal failure in dogs and cats
  4. AI and machine learning approaches to the data collection, marking of relevant content and subsequent text analysis would speed up the process
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