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cat sleeping on a windowsill in the sunshine
Understanding feline pruritis from the pet owner’s perspective – Poster
This informative poster created by the vHive team, namely Georgina Cherry, showcasing the work on how social listening can be used to understand feline pruritis from the pet owner’s perspective.
Deep Learning for Necrosis Detection Using Canine Perivascular Wall Tumour
Necrosis seen in histopathology Whole Slide Images is a major criterion that contributes towards scoring tumour grade which then determines treatment options. However conventional manual assessment suffers from inter-operator reproducibility impacting grading precision.
Rectified Classifier Chains for Prediction of Antibiotic Resistance
Predicting Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) from genomic data has important implications for human and animal healthcare, and especially given its potential for more rapid diagnostics and informed treatment choices.
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
This is done through improving their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology, and skills which others have. KTPs exist to meet a care strategic need and identify innovative solutions which help businesses grow.
Project Update from Bryony Armson
We hope that the information obtained may identify research gaps for future studies and help develop solutions for effective disease control.
Health outcomes arising from human-animal interactions including zoonotic disease and antimicrobial resistance
That animal and human health are interdependent is increasingly recognised. Sixty percent of infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic, but despite their combined prevalence and statutory reporting in the UK, zoonoses are poorly studied.
Laura EnvDis project
EnvDis – human salmonellosis and its epidemiology
Laura’s project is part of the One Health European Joint Programme (OHEJP) formation projects under the name of EnvDis. It is co-founded by Zoetis and benefits from the collaboration with PHE.
The “Ranch Livestock to Market” Programme
Good ranch management practice is essential if optimal livestock production, productivity and marketing are to be realised.
Welcome to the Surrey Vet School Biomechanics lab, part of the vHive family
Amongst other projects, the two are performing research on foot loading and 3-D motion analysis in German Shepherd dogs. This project looks at conformation features of German Shepherds as it varies within the breed. The aim is to investigate if their posture and gait, which in future studies could be correlated with musculoskeletal health and therefore to welfare issues.
PetDialog+ from Zoetis
When diagnosing an ill companion animal, vets often have to rely on information about their clinical signs and behaviour provided by the pet's owner.