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University of Surrey set to open the Centre of Excellence for Bioanalytical Science

The new surrey research facility for measuring biomarkers

To be led by vHive’s own Professor Anthony Whetton with Professors Melanie Bailey and Paul Townsend, the University of Surrey is set to launch the new Centre of Excellence for Bioanalytical Science. This follows a generous grant of £500,000 from the Wolfson Foundation, an independent charity with a focus on research and education.

What are the hopes for the new centre?

In conjunction with vHive, the Surrey Ion Beam Centre, and Surrey’s SEISMIC facility the new Centre aims to develop novel methodologies for measuring biomarkers and tracking nanoplastics in both human and veterinary medicine, being the first Centre of its kind to majorly commit to animal health. 

Additionally, the Centre will provide training to future scientists and offer an innovation hub for academics, industry partners, government and NHS partners. The interdisciplinary expertise within the Centre will enable scientific and medicinal research across a range of species.

Our team already has a lot of experience in finding biomarkers and disease mechanisms in humans. The new Centre gives us the unique opportunity to work more effectively with veterinarians, artificial intelligence experts and animal health companies to improve veterinary diagnostics and treatments. This will help improve companion animal health, food security and sustainabilityProfessor Anthony Whetton

Read more about the launch here.

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