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Livestock Information Service (LIS) Launch New Vet Attestation Scheme for Sheep Farmers
The Livestock Information Service (LIS) is a free, online platform for keepers to record livestock movements. Launched in March 2022, LIS consolidates the existing platforms for cattle (CTS), sheep/goats (ARAMS) and pigs (EAMLS2).
Understanding feline pruritis from the pet owners perspective
Social media are seldom explored in animal health despite the potential for insights into pet owners perceptions.
Batch Block: Fighting counterfeit drugs with Blockchain
Batch Block is a Blockchain-powered tool that will focus on improving key areas of pharmaceutical supply chains, by improving how effectively drugs are tracked from one point to another and keep a verifiable record of all intermediaries any shipment goes through. Blockchain technology allows a full audit-train of data, allowing an everlasting, tamper-proof and time-stamped record to be kept in a distributed manner.