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Artificial Intelligence Startups and Tools for Veterinarians

The veterinary and animal health industry is not shy of adopting new technologies. With tools for improving veterinary workflow to agri-tech solutions aimed at improving dairy yield; there are a lot of tools emerging with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning tools. In every corner of the world, there is a startup or a multinational company working on introducing such tools. After all, this is a huge potential for AI in animal health.

Here’s a list of the existing AI tools made-for, or being used by veterinaries and the animal health industry.

IBM’s “AI Assistants” – Improving work flow for veterinarians

The IBM’s AI Assistant can help professionals in any fields stay up to date. For veterinarians, this can mean instantly recognising what species of animals just walked in through the door, as well as look through a database of over 800 medical conditions and cancers to ensure accurate diagnoses.

Betty – Artificial Intelligence app to “replace veterinarians”

Betty is a New Zealand based app, which uses Machine Learning algorithms for improved diagnosis. The company is aiming for Betty to be a replacement for vets, in the early stages of diagnoses. It can can help farmers decide whether their sick cow is an emergency and to take immediate action, and connects them with a local vet if need be. Betty will, of course, not replace veterinarians; but can help farmers avoid panicking if they can know the severity of the situation without a vet present.

AliBaba’s ET Brain – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision

In a recent collaboration, technology of Alibaba’s ‘ET Brain’ as been utilised on modern pig farms in China, allowing more comprehensive tracking, behavioural and health data can be collected and stored for each pig. Machine vision technology will be used to identify unique skin brands on a pig and monitor every movement and sound that animal makes, combined with infrared tracking that can also monitor body-temperature. The system also includes voice recognition; which can help with uniquely identifying each animal.

Insilico Medicine – Replacing animal testing with Artificial Intelligence

Insilico Medicine has developed a comprehensive drug discovery engine, which analyses millions of samples to discover signatures of disease and identify the most promising targets for billions of molecules. With an accurate AI model, perhaps we can skip testing drugs on animals and rely on algorithms and models to tell us what the effect of a drug is.

Ida by Connecterra – Intelligent Animal Health Monitoring

Connecterra is a Dutch animal health monitoring startup. With millions of dollars raised, the company manufactures wearable devices for dairy cows to monitor their health in real-time using machine learning and sensor technology. Connecterra is bringing cows online!

Stethee – An Artificially Intelligent Sethscope

Animals often have a ‘flight or fight’ reaction to seeing a traditional stethoscope, resulting too often in the vet being scratched or bitten. Stethee is an artificial intelligence powered sethscope, which can be used by the pet owner with the vet listening and capturing the pet’s vital signs wirelessly or on their mobile device. Stethee claims it can acquire, store and diagnose animal vital sign data on its own!

Know an AI tool that should be on this list? Are you developing the next revolutionary tool for animal health? Get in touch with us!

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