Can AI predict a dog’s personality?
A dog's personality and temperament is often a distinct factor in the creation of human-animal relationships. Favourable personality...
Livestock Information Service (LIS) Launch New Vet Attestation Scheme for Sheep Farmers
The Livestock Information Service (LIS) is a free, online platform for keepers to record livestock movements. Launched in March 2022, LIS consolidates the existing platforms for cattle (CTS), sheep/goats (ARAMS) and pigs (EAMLS2).
The benefits of smart farming
Farming is an essential part of our society and has been for centuries. It is a complex and ever-changing profession that requires farmers to be adaptable and constantly learning, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in farming, from precision agriculture to robotics.
Driving Digital Innovation in Animal Health
Animal health is a rapidly growing industry with new innovations constantly being developed to improve the health and wellbeing of animals. The animal health sector is made up of many different businesses that provide products and services to care for animals.
The Innovations Shaping the Animal Health Industry
The animal health industry is experiencing a digital transformation, and this article looks at some of the ways Big Data is disrupting the animal health industry.
How do pet microchips work?
The first step in understanding how a microchip works is understanding how it identifies your pet. Each chip has its own unique identifying pattern called aID, and this pattern is linked to the owner’s information in a database called a PIC (or Pet ID Card).
Anime Health Innovation Network AHIN
What is The Animal Health Innovation Network
Animal Health Innovation Network (AHIN) is a non-profit organization that connects animal health start-ups with the resources they need to succeed.
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
This is done through improving their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology, and skills which others have. KTPs exist to meet a care strategic need and identify innovative solutions which help businesses grow.
Surrey Research Park logo
Surrey Research Park – centre for digital innovation
The Surrey Research Park is owned and operated by the University of Surrey and is a centre of excellence for technology, science, health, space and engineering. The park lets out spaces to businesses who want to be located close to London but not directly within it.