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The Surrey Research Park is owned and operated by the University of Surrey and is a centre of excellence for technology, science, health, space and engineering. The park lets out spaces to businesses who want to be located close to London but not directly within it. Moreover, Surrey Research Park is a centre for digital innovation and transformation.

As a University of Surrey Enterprise, they have an outstanding enterprise ecosystem which includes internationally acclaimed start-up support with incubation hub SETsquared, collaborative R&D funding initiatives and access to leading advisors and academics at the University.

There are over 150 companies working at the Surrey Research park. These companies engage with a variety of activities including digital innovation, development, and design activities.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The Park was a founder of the UKSPA in 1984. Construction began in January 1984 and the first business occupied space on the park in 1985. This was when the Surrey Technology Incubator opened.

When discussing the development of The Surrey Research Park, the University of Surrey set out 5 clear objectives which align with the University and various industries. These are:

  • To assist with the economic development of the national, regional and local economy
  • To raise the profile and international reputation of the University of Surrey and Guildford as a centre of excellence in technology
  •  To create an opportunity for technology transfer by strengthening the links between the University and industry
  • To help European-based industry maintain its competitive edge through fostering innovation
  • To create independent income for the University of Surrey and to create an opportunity for academic staff to act as consultants to companies on the Park.

Current Progress

The diverse range of companies on the Park are active in innovation in science. This involves discovery in new products, engineering, and customer focused innovation. Which addresses customer needs, products and services and business models.  Moreover, efficiency driven innovation requires developing new ideas that saves time, production costs and delivery of goods. The companies operating on the Park help to create a powerful engine of innovation providing a significant level of economic activity and pioneering output.There are a variety of businesses currently situated at the Park, these include:

  • Venner Shipley – Intellectual Property Advisors
  • DNA stream – IT consultancy
  • Futura Medical – Pharmaceutical Research and Development
  • Payen – Payment service company providing clients with secure transaction processing
  • The Naked Pharmacy – 100% Natural Pharmacy specialising in effective strength Food based supplements and natural medicines
  • Ingo Health – Women’s Intimate Healthcare
  • Peoplespace – Optimise the benefits and efficiency of Smart Place innovations and projects
  • Fitzpatrick Referrals
  • Portico – independent management consultancy

To name a few!Get in touch with the Research Park if you’re interested in renting a space, or visit their website to see all the different businesses that could be of benefit to you.

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