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At the University of Exeter, the DIGIT Lab has been founded by Alan Brown, Professor in Digital Economy, and is an EPSRC Next Stage Digital Economy Research Centre backed by £12.4M in funding. DIGIT Lab is a programme helping to provide research insights, knowledge frameworks and practical techniques to accelerate digital transformation. Working with large established organisations to help them manage with the digital age beyond the digitalisation of current products and practices.

The mission for the DIGIT Lab is to investigate the following key question:

Can large established organizations drive digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation to increase productivity and deliver value while addressing employee well-being and meeting the rising expectations of our society? – DIGIT Lab

Key research areas include:

Digital innovation

Digital growth

Digital impact

Digital transformation

The focus is on understanding how digital technologies are affecting:

Technology adoption

Business models

Organisational structures

Working environment

Data-driven innovation

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