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1 Dec 2022
How can livestock production be improved?
Eleanor Telling Livestock production plays a key role in the food system, providing meat, milk, and eggs for people around the world, but can…
29 Nov 2022
How does livestock grazing benefit the environment?
Eleanor Telling Livestock grazing is a type of agriculture where animals feed on grass and other vegetation, and it is often used as a…
Smart farming vs traditional farming
Eleanor Telling In recent years, there has been a growing movement to adopt smart farming practices.
Understanding feline pruritis from the pet owner’s perspective – Poster
Eleanor Telling This informative poster created by the vHive team, namely Georgina Cherry, showcasing the work on how social listening can be used to…
The benefits of smart farming
Eleanor Telling Farming is an essential part of our society and has been for centuries. It is a complex and ever-changing profession that requires…
26 Oct 2022
Why animal health is so important
Eleanor Telling Animals are a source of food for humans, and if they are not healthy, the food they provide us with will not…