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The benefits of smart farming
Eleanor Telling Farming is an essential part of our society and has been for centuries. It is a complex and ever-changing profession that requires…
26 Oct 2022
Why animal health is so important
Eleanor Telling Animals are a source of food for humans, and if they are not healthy, the food they provide us with will not…
21 Oct 2022
Sustainability in the Animal Health Industry
Eleanor Telling This means finding ways to produce food and products using fewer resources, waste less, and have a smaller environmental footprint. Therefore, the…
Driving Digital Innovation in Animal Health
Eleanor Telling Animal health is a rapidly growing industry with new innovations constantly being developed to improve the health and wellbeing of animals. The…
Understanding feline pruritis from the pet owners perspective
Eleanor Telling Social media are seldom explored in animal health despite the potential for insights into pet owners perceptions.
5 Oct 2022
How Well Can Rabbits Hear?
Eleanor Telling It turns out that rabbits have very good hearing and can detect a wide range of frequencies. In fact, their hearing is…