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Project Update from Bryony Armson
Eleanor Telling We hope that the information obtained may identify research gaps for future studies and help develop solutions for effective disease control.
Meet new members of vHive
Eleanor Telling Who are you and what is your role? Cara Fudge – Admin Assistant
Health outcomes arising from human-animal interactions including zoonotic disease and antimicrobial resistance
Eleanor Telling That animal and human health are interdependent is increasingly recognised. Sixty percent of infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic, but despite their…
EnvDis – human salmonellosis and its epidemiology
Eleanor Telling Laura’s project is part of the One Health European Joint Programme (OHEJP) formation projects under the name of EnvDis. It is co-founded…
The “Ranch Livestock to Market” Programme
Eleanor Telling Good ranch management practice is essential if optimal livestock production, productivity and marketing are to be realised.
31 Aug 2017
vHive announces A.L.P.H.A. collaboration with Zoetis funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Hannah Rideout This initiative seeks to holistically approach the development of a sustainable Animal Health market that will target farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa by…