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26 Sep 2022
Bees use patterns to find flowers, not just colours
Eleanor Telling Bees are one of the most important pollinators of agricultural crops, and their populations have been in decline in recent years. There…
12 Oct 2022
What is the Human Animal Bond?
Eleanor Telling The human animal bond is the connection between humans and companion animals. It is a close relationship that, in some cases, can…
What is The Animal Health Innovation Network
Eleanor Telling Animal Health Innovation Network (AHIN) is a non-profit organization that connects animal health start-ups with the resources they need to succeed.
The Innovations Shaping the Animal Health Industry
Eleanor Telling The animal health industry is experiencing a digital transformation, and this article looks at some of the ways Big Data is disrupting…
22 Aug 2022
Can I Feed My Dog Raw Meat?
Eleanor Telling If you’re wondering whether you can feed your dog raw meat the answer is yes, but there are a few things to…
11 Jul 2022
What to do with your pets in hot weather?
Eleanor Telling If you catch them at the panting and restless stage, get them to a cooler location and provide them with water. They…