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NOAH is an organisation in the UK which represents animal health and welfare.

“Promoting the benefits of safe, effective, quality products and services for the health and welfare of animals” is their mission, they employ over 4000 individuals within the UK and offer support to a variety of animal related industries.

Vision: “to be at the forefront of UK animal health and welfare”.

One Health Alignment

NOAH is committed to One Health which includes limiting the development of antimicrobial resistance by promoting responsible use and stewardship of antibiotics. Offering training to all their members, NOAH helps individuals to understand the risks and know when to give and not to give antibiotics.

Furthermore, they are on a campaign to allow more pets into rented accommodation due to the benefits of having a companion animal, especially for those who are older. Moreover, by having effective policies and protocols people and their pets can live in harmony. So, it is important to address the issue of infection prevention and control, as well as health and safety concerns.


They have many resources which have been developed over the years to give their members the best possible tools to complement their vision and mission. These include:

  • A compendium of Data Sheets, which is considered one of the major references for animal medicines including safety instructions, withdrawal periods, product indications, and dosage rates all in one place!
  • Code of Practice booklet
  • Animal medicines record book
  • Various infographics
  • Free briefing documents
  • and many more!

Membership to NOAH 

To be a part of the progress and change, you can join many organisations that are already members of NOAH, including Zoetis, MSD Animal health, Norbrook, KRKA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Petlife, Vetark, and more!

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