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British Cattle Veterinary Association
The British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) vision include “seeing a central role for the vet to safeguard and improve the wellbeing of cattle and safety of our food within sustainable beef and dairy industries.
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NOAH is committed to One Health which includes limiting the development of antimicrobial resistance by promoting responsible use and stewardship of antibiotics. Offering training to all their members, NOAH helps individuals to understand the risks and know when to give and not to give antibiotics.
Anime Health Innovation Network AHIN
Animal Health Innovation Network
The Animal Health Innovation Network bring together academia, research organisations and industry to drive innovation in the animal health sector by creating shared opportunities for value creation through collaborations, data and digital transformation.
Project Update from Bryony Armson
We hope that the information obtained may identify research gaps for future studies and help develop solutions for effective disease control.
Health Innovation with the Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) refers to turning every-day items into interconnected objects through the internet. So that mundane objects, like your coffee cup, could be connected to a network of your other belongings and feed in data from several data points. With microchips and nanotechnology, every object can be digitised.
Batch Block: Fighting counterfeit drugs with Blockchain
Batch Block is a Blockchain-powered tool that will focus on improving key areas of pharmaceutical supply chains, by improving how effectively drugs are tracked from one point to another and keep a verifiable record of all intermediaries any shipment goes through. Blockchain technology allows a full audit-train of data, allowing an everlasting, tamper-proof and time-stamped record to be kept in a distributed manner.
Blockchain in One Health: Is there a match?
The term ‘Blockchain’ has taken the tech industry by storm in the last few years. Every industry is impressed by the benefits blockchain technology offers and are utilising it in their operations. Health is no different, and there is potential for the use of blockchain in animal health.