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Project Update from Bryony Armson

 ALPHA Project update

  1. An overview of the project

At present I am working on several projects as part of vHive. First includes the write up (and any remaining analysis) of manuscripts for studies under the ALPHA project. This includes several studies on poultry health and disease in Nigeria and systematic literature reviews.
Secondly, I am involved in the administration and project management of the development of a new master’s course run by Cairo University, Egypt, in collaboration with the University of Surrey and Zoetis.
Finally, I am investigating the use of social media using online surveys for epidemiological studies of disease.

  1. What is the challenge you are/were hoping to change?

We hope that the information obtained may identify research gaps for future studies and help develop solutions for effective disease control.
Additionally, to improve capacity for training of veterinary professionals in Egypt and the surrounding areas.

  1. What has been done so far?

Several of the studies under the ALPHA project have been published in peer-reviewed journals, while some are under consideration.
The master’s course in under development, with the first cohort of students to start in 2022.

  1. Outcomes of the project?


ALPHA outcomes

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