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24 Aug 2018
Role of Pets and Pet-Tech in Our Lives
Hannah Rideout Pets bring a lot of joy into an individual’s life. Most people think of their pets as members of the family.
23 Jul 2018
Artificial Intelligence in animal health and veterinary sciences
Eleanor Telling There’s a growing demand for the development and use of wearables, smart cameras and other sensors in animal health for pet animals…
25 Jun 2018
Batch Block: Fighting counterfeit drugs with Blockchain
Eleanor Telling Batch Block is a Blockchain-powered tool that will focus on improving key areas of pharmaceutical supply chains, by improving how effectively drugs…
18 Jun 2018
Blockchain in One Health: Is there a match?
Eleanor Telling The term ‘Blockchain’ has taken the tech industry by storm in the last few years. Every industry is impressed by the benefits…
The future of animal movement science?
Hannah Rideout For dogs, physical activity is one half of a healthy life; good rest being the other. We know many diseases and conditions…
4 Sep 2017
Innovation in animal health – what’s leading the pack?
Eleanor Telling There’s been drastic changes and improvements in the animal health space in the past year. These advances have had far-reaching implications on…